6 February 2024

6 February 2024

Dear Members,

55th Annual General Assembly: The 2024 Interline Celebration
AGA Hotel
One of the reasons the Ravenala Attitude hotel was chosen for the 55th AGA was because the hotel’s goal is to establish sustainable tourism by protecting the environment, supporting local economies and caring about the local community. This goal resonates with WACA’s own aims for its members to be responsible travellers making a difference in Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) aspects whenever and wherever we travel.

Accommodation in the 4-star hotel will be in a two-storey building in spacious, luxurious 64 m² rooms entirely dedicated to rest and relaxation. Each room on the ground floor opens onto a patio and each room on the upper floor opens onto a balcony. If you have mobility issues, and you don’t want to be on the upper floor, please ensure you indicate this in the appropriate box on the registration form.

In the sea, on the river, by the pool or on dry land: with its exceptional environment, the 4-star Ravenala Attitude hotel offers a wide range of activities to liven up your days at WACA’s 55th AGA. Don’t miss it! 

Pre-AGA Tour: Seychelles
We received some requests to have the Seychelles package as a pre-AGA event to enable participants to also take one of the post-AGA Madagascar packages. The possibility to change the date of the event was considered and it was decided that it would be preferable so the event will now become a three-day pre-AGA tour from 13–16 September. Due to flight schedules, the new date will require participants to take a flight from the Seychelles to Mauritius on 16 September and take two additional restful nights in Mauritius prior to the start of the 55th AGA. A detailed brochure will be available in due course.

Pre-AGA Tour: Réunion
A brochure is currently in preparation for the Réunion tour package scheduled to be held from 15–18 September.

Post-AGA Tours: Madagascar
Members are reminded that two post-AGA packages have been arranged in Madagascar, home to some of the world's most unique flora and fauna. A 10-day post-AGA tour of Southern Madagascar is one option or a shorter six-day post-AGA tour of Nosy Be Island is the other option to see these wonders first hand. In addition Madagascar is also world famous for its lemurs (primitive relatives of monkeys, apes and humans), colourful chameleons, numerous different reptiles and towering baobab trees. Complete details can be found in the Events section of the WACA website.
Note: a request has been made to Air Mauritius to see if a concessionary airfare will be granted for participants taking a post-AGA Madagascar tour.

Pre-AGA Tour: KZN Berg, Beach and Bush Experience
This tour has been cancelled due to various logistical difficulties.
Further information about the 55th AGA and the pre- and post-AGA packages can be found in the Events section of the WACA website: https://www.waca.org/events/.

Membership Messages
“Membership Messages” are sent out on a regular basis to WACA Member Clubs, Members-at-Large and other individuals closely connected to WACA. Recipients in Member Clubs are requested to forward these messages to all members of their respective Club or direct their members to the News and Press Releases section of WACA's website where the messages are posted: www.waca.org/news/Pages/index.aspx.
If any WACA member has anything they would like to contribute to the next “Membership Message”, please send the information to the attention of the WACA Administration Manager at the e-mail address shown below.

Yours in interlining,

Keith Miller
WACA Administration Manager
World Airlines Clubs Association
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E-mail: info@waca.org
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