Benefits of WACA Memberships

  • Each individual active member of a Member Club, or a Member-at-Large, will be issued with a WACA membership card produced by the Association.
  • WACA World News, the official WACA publication.
  • WACA Sports and International Events calendar.
  • WACA Contact, the directory of Member Clubs and Members-at-Large.
  • Each year, Member Clubs and Members-at-Large will receive the annual report of the Association.
  • Member Clubs are eligible for the annual WACA award for Member Club of the Year .
  • Annual General Assemblies of one week duration.
  • WACA has five separate Regions: Europe; Far East and Australasia; Latin America and Caribbean; Africa, Indian Ocean Isands and Middle East; North America. Regional meetings are held in each Region during the year.
  • International events are held every year hosted by different Member Clubs.
  • WACA charitable programmes and the WACA Relief Fund are for the purpose of encouraging Member Clubs develop a social conscience by helping those less fortunates.
  • WACA Grand Venture Bonanza tickets are available for purchase by Member Clubs and Members-at-Large.
  • The WACA President is elected by the Assembly and a WACA Council is appointed to administer the affairs of the Association assisted by Associates. Auditors are elected by the Assembly. All volunteer their time to ensure the smooth running of WACA.
  • WACA's headquarters is located in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) building in Montreal, Canada.

World Airlines Clubs Asociation
c/o International Air Transport Association (IATA)
800 Place Victoria
P.O. Box 113
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4Z 1M1
Telephone: +1 (438) 258-3243