8 December 2022

8 December 2022

Dear Members,

54th Annual General Assembly: The 2023 Interline Celebration
On behalf of Jordan Interline Club president and committee members, the programme and registration form for the 54th WACA AGA scheduled to be held in the Amman Marriott Hotel from 1–6 October will be uploaded in the Events section of the website. The programme and registration form for the pre-AGA Cairo and Nile Cruise tour scheduled to be held from 24–30 September will also be uploaded in the events section. Information regarding the following will be available very soon:

  • payment details;
  • pre- and post-AGA tours in Jordan;
  • cost of additional nights at the Amman Marriott Hotel.

All registration forms should be sent by e-mail to: jordaninterlineclub@gmail.com.

WACA Member-at-Large, Willie Michiels, has advised that he received a sad message from Norway that on New Year’s Eve last year Marianne Huslid had passed away. He has now found out that on 10 September this year her husband, Kjell, had also passed away. Marianne and Kjell will be remembered by the many WACA friends they made from numerous AGAs and international events they attended over many years.

Memorial Service
A Memorial Service will be held for WACA Past President and Member of Honour, Gerry Philbrook, on Wednesday, 25 January at 13:00 followed by a reception at St Clare of Assisi Catholic Church Parish Centre, 2888 Delahaye Drive, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Members are requested to please respond to Val Philbrook with their messages of condolence and advise her if they will be attending the Memorial Service: ggphilbrook@gmail.com.

Membership Messages
“Membership Messages” are sent out on a regular basis to WACA Member Clubs, Members-at-Large and other individuals closely connected to WACA. Recipients in Member Clubs are requested to forward these messages to all members of their respective Club or direct their members to the News and Press Releases section of WACA's website where the messages are posted: www.waca.org/news/Pages/index.aspx.
If any WACA member has anything they would like to contribute to the next “Membership Message” please send the information to the attention of the WACA Administration Manager at WACA Headquarters.

Yours in interlining,

Keith Miller

WACA Administration Manager

World Airlines Clubs Association

Telephone: +1 438-258-3243

E-mail: info@waca.org

Website: www.waca.org