23 November 2022

23 November 2022

Dear Members,

53rd Annual General Assembly: The 2022 Interline Celebration
Organised by WACA, 67 interliners participated at the 53rd AGA held in Bali, Indonesia, from 16–21 October. A big thank you is expressed to my Associate, Lucie Forget, and the North American Regional Coordinator, Linda Lenters, for their hard work selling 50/50 tickets and raffle tickets for some special prizes as well as all the other general tasks that are required to ensure a successful event.
Pre- and Post-AGA Tours
Twenty-four participants on the pre-AGA tour of Java arrived in Bali with stories of their experiences viewing temples and volcanoes amongst other memorable activities. The post-AGA tour also attracted 24 participants the highlight for them was undoubtedly visiting the Komodo National Park to see the mighty Komodo dragons.

54th Annual General Assembly: The 2023 Interline Celebration
As the 53rd AGA recedes into a memory, arrangements are already being made by the Jordan Interline Club to host the 54th AGA. The Club’s President and Executive Committee would like the WACA membership to note the following:

  • The 54th AGA will be held in the Marriott Hotel, Amman, Jordan, for five nights/six days from 1–6 October 2023. A preliminary programme has been issued and is attached.
  • There will be a pre-AGA tour for six nights/seven days from 24–30 September starting in Cairo, Egypt, followed by a Nile Cruise.
  • In addition to the above tour, there will also be a pre-AGA tour and a post-AGA tour visiting the wonders of Jordan.
  • Payments should be made to the Club’s account not the WACA bank account. Specific account details will be published in the event brochures which will be issued very soon.  

The Scent of Colour
WACA's Ambassador for Blind Children, Suheil Baqaeen, has once again been showcasing his outstanding work this time in Belgrade, Serbia, from where the following was written by Miroslav Radaković:
On October 27, a humanitarian cocktail "The Smell of Colour" was held in Belgrade, Serbia, in the Crowne Plaza Hotel which was organised to help more than 50 blind and partially sighted children who are socially vulnerable. The special guest was the Jordanian artist Mr. Suheil Baqaeen who is the creator of colours that smell. Using his technique, the children painted their works, which were sold the same evening. Thanks to Mr. Baqaeen, joy was brought into their lives and are looking forward to meeting the famous Jordanian artist again.
Suheil finished his tour in the Czech Republic where he was a special guest at the books promotion of Miroslav Radaković "The Scent of Colour and "The World is the Same". The first book was named after his initiative. In both cities, Suheil exhibited his paintings and opened an exhibition of his works in the MTS Hall in the centre of Belgrade. The press and tv stations covered much of Suheil’s tour: 


Membership Messages
“Membership Messages” are sent out on a regular basis to WACA Member Clubs, Members-at-Large and other individuals closely connected to WACA. Recipients in Member Clubs are requested to forward these messages to all members of their respective Club or direct their members to the News and Press Releases section of WACA's website where the messages are posted: www.waca.org/news/Pages/index.aspx.
If any WACA member has anything they would like to contribute to the next “Membership Message” please send the information to the attention of the WACA Administration Manager at WACA Headquarters.

Yours in interlining,

Keith Miller
WACA Administration Manager
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