10 January 2023

10 January 2023

Dear Members,

Happy New Year
On behalf of the WACA Council, I wish all WACA members and their families a Happy New Year. Let us hope that in 2023 things continue to improve and the COVID-19 pandemic will finally be over and we can return to our normal way of life.

WACA Council Meeting
The 1st WACA Council Meeting of 2023 is scheduled to be held on 24 January in Vancouver, Canada. Member Clubs’ WACA Representatives and Members-at-Large are requested to send to my attention any item(s) they would like to be included on the agenda.

Art is Accessible
WACA's Ambassador for Blind Children, Suheil Baqaeem, recently held a workshop in the United States Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Membership Messages
“Membership Messages” are sent out on a regular basis to WACA Member Clubs, Members-at-Large and other individuals closely connected to WACA. Recipients in Member Clubs are requested to forward these messages to all members of their respective Club or direct their members to the News and Press Releases section of WACA's website where the messages are posted: www.waca.org/news/Pages/index.aspx.
If any WACA member has anything they would like to contribute to the next “Membership Message” please send the information to the attention of the WACA Administration Manager at WACA Headquarters.

Yours in interlining,
Keith Miller
WACA Administration Manager
World Airlines Clubs Association
Telephone: +1 438-258-3243
E-mail: info@waca.org
Website: www.waca.org