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20 November 2019


52nd Annual General Assembly (AGA): The WACA Africana Festival 2019

Organised by the Africa, Indian Ocean islands and Middle East (AIM) Region, 114 interliners participated at the 52nd AGA held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 27–31 October. A big thank you is expressed to the AIM Regional Coordinator, Yousef Yousef, and his team especially those from the Jordan Interline Club and the Paille-en-Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius for all their hard work.

Plenary Meeting

A plenary meeting was convened prior to the Assembly where President, Maga Ramasamy, made a presentation about WACA’s Vision Towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda that the Association is pursuing. This was followed by a presentation by Professor Ralph Wagner and Katharina Raab from the University of Kassel, Germany, about the “Survey for Zero Flight Waste” project. Darrel Nallan from the Paille-en-Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius then provided an update on the new WACA portal that is being prepared: The presentations and minutes of the Plenary Meeting will follow in due course.

52nd Assembly

Members of Honour

Maga also had he pleasure to bestow the title Member of Honour on Far East and Australasia Regional Coordinator, Margaret Lee, from the Sydney Interline Club and the Africa, Indian Ocean Islands and Middle East Regional Coordinator, Yousef Yousef, from the Jordan Interline Club. Congratulations.

Thank You from the Public Relations Coordinator

The 52nd AGA Public Relations Coordinator, Linda Lenters, sends her thanks to everyone who participated in the 50/50 draw and especially to those participants who donated for all the wonderful gifts for the tombola. Every year it is a challenge to collect, display and distribute all the gifts brought for the tombola which has been a great fundraiser for WACA. It is now, however, time for a new fundraising activity. The 50/50 is always great and fun and is expected to continue but I am looking for some new ideas to replace the tombola and I am reaching out to everyone to please send me any ideas you have for next year’s AGA. I would love to hear from you: [email protected].


Participants were once again more than generous with their donations to the needy causes that WACA supported in South Africa. A thank you letter has been received from Sister Wendy Hahne saying how much the items donated were just what was needed at the Elandsvallei Home for the Aged which was one of the supported charities.

Pre- and Post-AGA Tours

Participants on the pre-AGA tour to Victoria Falls and the Chobe National Park arrived in Johannesburg with wonderful stories of their experiences viewing the falls and the safari. The post-AGA tours were also full of praise from the participants especially from those that attended the Kruger National Park tour who exchanged stories about the sightings they had seen on their specific safari vehicle.


The Silk Road 2020

The Silk Road 2020 tour will be an epic 21 nights trip from 526 June 2020 that will commence in Xi'An and ends at Tashkurgan near the Pakistan border. The trip is being organised by WACA and will take participants from the historical heart of China to the Tibetan Region of Amdo, then to the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, from there we will visit the spectacular Buddhist grottoes at Dunhuang and journey into Islamic China where you will stay with the Kazakh nomads in their yurt camps at the Kalajun Grasslands near Kazakhstan and visit the fabled city of Kashgar and its famous Sunday livestock market. We will go as far as Tashkurgan near the Pakistani border staying with Pamiri Tajik people, a Persian speaking people living in China today. We will travel by bullet trains, aircraft, horses, buses, camels and whatever it takes. It will also come as a surprise to many that China is not a monolithic nation of "Chinese" people but a nation of great diversity and ethnic groups.

A detailed brochure is being finalised but basic information can already be found in the Event Calendar section of the WACA website: The epic tour will cost USD 3,490.00.


53rd Annual General Assembly (AGA): The 2020 Interline Celebration
The WACA Council will now focus on the 53rd AGA which will be organised by WACA and is scheduled to be held from 18–22 October 2020 in exotic Bali “Island of the Gods” Indonesia so mark your calendar now. A pre-AGA tour will be a Grand Java Tour taking in the impressive Borobudur Buddhist Temple Complex as well as outdoor activities at Mount Bromo and Ijen with its network of volcanoes. For the post-AGA tour it will be a cruise around the Flores Archipelago and a visit to the Komodo National Park to see the famous Komodo dragons. Detailed brochures are being prepared and will be posted in the Event Calendar section of the WACA website as soon as possible:


Grand Venture Bonanza

And the Winners is ...

The seventh draw of 2019 for a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA was made today by IATA Assistant Manager Systems Engineering, Arien Garms. There were 825 tickets in the draw and the lucky winner is Sylvia Manzoni from the Interairline Club Zurich with ticket number 12025. Congratulations.

Next Draw

The 824 tickets that remain will be in the final draw of 2019 scheduled to be held at the end in December for a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA.


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