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1 December 2020


53rd Annual General Assembly (AGA): The 2021 Interline Celebration

Chief Marketing/Events Officer, Julian Chau, is currently updating the brochures for the 53rd AGA, pre-AGA and post-AGA tours. The package costs will not be more than the rates published in the brochures this year and could be reduced but there are no communication lines open at the moment to discuss this with the tour operator and hotel management. As a reminder, the revised dates of the 53rd AGA packages are as follows:

10–17 October for the Pre-AGA Tour: Java Grand Tour;

17–22 October for the 53rd Annual General Assembly (AGA): The 2021 Interline Celebration;

22–26 October for the Post-AGA Tour: Land of the Dragons and the Lesser Sundas. There will be only one post-AGA tour with two groups because WACA has been fortunate to be allocated with two Phinisi Schooners.

The modified brochures will be posted in the Event Calendar section of the WACA website as soon as possible:


54th Annual General Assembly (AGA): The 2022 Interline Celebration

The 54th AGA is scheduled to be held at the beginning of October 2022 in Amman, Jordan. The link below beckons us to “Visit Jordan” which can’t come soon enough for so many in these dark times. Members will be delighted to see WACA Ambassador for Blind Children, Suheil Baqaeen, featured in the video as the chosen Jordanian artist. Suheil is the country’s Ambassador for People with Visual Impairment:


Office Restrictions Update

The government of the Province of Quebec continues to leave the city of Montreal in a “red zone” during the continuation of the novel coronavirus pandemic which means that restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, gymnasia, etc. remain closed. Offices can remain open with the continued limit on the number of staff a company is allowed to work in its offices at any given time which means I can only work from the office on a limited number of days per month so I continue to work from home as required between my restricted office visits. The government restrictions will be in effect until at least 8 January, however, a four-day break over the Christmas holiday period will allow a limited number of immediate family members to gather socially on two occasions during that time frame.


Grand Venture Bonanza

And the Winners is ...

The seventh and final draw of 2020 for a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA was made today in the WACA office by myself due to the social distancing restrictions that are currently in place. There were 316 tickets in the draw and the lucky winner is Pat Lindeman from the Vancouver Interline Club with ticket number 14402. Congratulations.




Yours in interlining,


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