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20 October 2020


Dear Members,


WACA Council Meeting

The 3rd Virtual WACA Council Meeting of 2020 is scheduled to be held on 24 October. Member Clubs’ WACA Representatives and Members-at-Large are requested to send to my attention any item(s) they would like to be included on the agenda.


The 2020 Interline Celebration

As announced in Membership Message 15/2020, the WACA Council will organise a Zoom video conference on 7 November where all members of the Association will be invited to join. The Celebration will be an informal meeting to review the current affairs of the Association and define our future goals taking into consideration the affects of post COVID-19. An agenda is in preparation and will be sent out in due course with specific information on the Celebration’s start time and how to participate.


Financial Update

Chief Finance Officer, Sharon Slessor, has advised that WACA’s financial statements were completed for the fiscal year 1 August 2019–31 July 2020 and sent to the Auditors. Following receipt, the Auditors and Sharon held a virtual meeting on 10 October to discuss and successfully resolve any queries the Auditors may have had.


Office Restrictions Update

The province of Quebec recently declared that Montreal is in a “red zone” in the continuing “second wave” of COVID-19 which means there are more restrictions placed on its citizens. Offices, however, can still remain open with the continued limit on the number of staff a company is allowed to work in its offices at any given time so I can only work from the office on a limited number of days per month. It is unknown how long these restrictions will continue so I continue to also work from home as required between my restricted office visits.


Association Airline Ambassadors Forum

To mark World Tourism Day 2020, the Association Airline Ambassadors (AAA) partnering with the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED) organised a forum of discussions on 7 October 2020 in Mauritius on the theme "Bringing Rural Destinations Towards Excellence". The panel was composed of Professor Dr. Francois Bedard, Founding Director of CED; Dr. Robin Nunkoo, a Professor at the University of Mauritius and Mr. Sen Ramsamy, MD Tourism Business Intelligence. The forum was moderated by WACA President, Maga Ramasamy, in his capacity as President of the AAA. Interesting ideas were developed and shared.


Grand Venture Bonanza

And the Winners is ...

The fifth draw of 2020 for a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA was made today in the WACA office by myself due to the social distancing restrictions that are currently in place. There were 287 tickets in the draw and the lucky winner is Jaradette Dean from the Airlines Club Bahamas with ticket number 0818. Congratulations.

Next Draw

The remaining 286 tickets will now be included in the next draw scheduled to be held in November for another USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA.




Yours in interlining,


Keith Miller

WACA Administration Manager

World Airlines Clubs Association

Telephone: +1 438-258-3243

E-mail: [email protected]


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