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8 September 2020


Message from the WACA President, Maga Ramasamy

The 2020 Interline Festival

Many countries and the WHO continue to work tirelessly for a vaccine to fight against COVID-19 but none are on the market yet and things in many countries are not improving. With restrictions continuing as far as international travel is concerned, the possibility of us physically gathering together in November seems to be less probable now so a Zoom video conference will be held very soon with the Council members to assess the situation. This will be followed in due course with a further Zoom video conference with the Auditors, Regional Coordinators and Ambassadors who are considered as our Association’s Supporting Team for a final decision whether or not to hold The 2020 Interline Festival.

Charity Initiative

I personally organised a charity mission to Rodrigues Island last week with the support of the Association Airline Ambassadors and the Paille-en-Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius (both members of WACA). Coins were collected, banked and remitted to the Reverend Trevor Huddleston House which looks after the island’s needy children. A workshop is in preparation to be held in early October with stakeholders in travel and tourism on responsible and sustainable tourism particularly regarding the protection of children in the supply chain.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Through the Association Airline Ambassadors I have been supporting the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation which is in the process of transferring endangered reptiles and birds this week from Mauritius to Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands that are a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom.


Office Restrictions Update

The province of Quebec rules that set a limit on the number of staff a company is allowed to work in its offices at any given time continues so I can only work from the office on a limited number of days per month. It is still not known how long these restrictions will continue so I continue to also work from home as required between my restricted office visits.


Grand Venture Bonanza

And the Winners is ...

The third draw of 2020 for a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA was made today in the WACA office by myself due to the social distancing restrictions that are currently in place. There were 268 tickets in the draw and the lucky winner is Rosemarie Mamede the WACA European Regional Coordinator with ticket number 14969. Congratulations.

Next Draw

The remaining 267 tickets will now be included in the next draw scheduled to be held later this month for another USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA.




Yours in interlining,


Keith Miller

WACA Administration Manager

World Airlines Clubs Association

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E-mail: [email protected]


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