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17 August 2020


Message from the WACA President, Maga Ramasamy

Industry Update

It is a fact that COVID-19 is still around and affecting our industry to a very large extent. IATA is following the situation very closely and advising airlines based on various studies it is carrying out. We can only hope that a vaccine will be made available very soon where the concerns of both governments and travellers can be addressed leading the way a resumption of air travel. In the meantime, we are witnessing furloughs, retirements including early retirement, retrenchments, layoffs , etc. of airline employees coupled with the closure of certain airline companies or reduction in work activities. It is a sad moment for the industry in general which we can only hope will pick up in the very near future and we can travel and participate once again in WACA’s international  activities. Allow me to say a big thank you to all those who have given their best to keep the industry afloat in the past years.


I wish to inform you that I, personally, having spent more than 40 years in aviation have accepted to take an early retirement package from Air Mauritius. I will, however, be volunteering my time with Air Mauritius the national carrier following certain social and environmental projects together with the Association Airline Ambassadors and the Paille-en-Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius. I am most grateful to Air Mauritius for providing all the logistical support in this voluntary endeavor exercise.

Clean Up Volunteer

Following the grounding of the MV Wakashio in the lagoon of Pointe d’Esny, and the subsequent oil spill, I found myself for the past two weeks involved in supporting the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation and other volunteers preparing for the cleanup of the lagoon and mangroves in the wetlands. The location of the oil spill will be very familiar to many interliners who have visited Mauritius and it is where we acted as facilitators to save the endemic reptiles transferring them from the small island so they would not be exposed to the effects of the oil spill. Slowly things are getting back to normal and an impact assessment is being carried for corrective measures. Volunteers from the two WACA Clubs (the Paille-en-Queue Social Club of Air Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands interline Club) are collaborating with the Association Airline Ambassadors for any sustainable actions that will be deemed necessary. I would like to thank all interliners that expressed their concerns to this unprecedented disaster in the idyllic lagoon of Mauritius.

I wish you all and your loved ones well.

Office Restrictions Update

As previously advised, I am now allowed to return to the office on a limited number of days per month in compliance with the province of Quebec rules that set a limit on the number of staff a company is allowed to work in their offices at any given time. It is unknown how long these restrictions will continue in force so I continue to also work from home as required between my restricted office visits,


The 2020 Interline Festival

WACA President, Maga Ramasamy, is still hopeful that we can meet together as planned in late October or early November for a 2020 Interline Festival in an easily accessible European city. It is expected that a final decision will be taken very shortly. If it will not be possible to hold the Festival due to government restrictions on travel and public gatherings, then maybe a grand virtual meeting can be arranged for interliners pending WACA’s activities commencing again in 2021.


Events Calendar


Most regrettably the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is increasing again in many places in Europe and we are far from anticipating a short-term normalisation is the message from the Interline Club of Portugal. For this reason the Club has decided to cancel the Grande Festa which was scheduled to be held in October this year and plans to organise it again in the same place and the same location next year.


Grand Venture Bonanza

And the Winners is ...

The second draw of 2020 for a USD 100.00 cash prize graciously donated by the Vancouver Interline Club was made today in the WACA office by myself due to the social distancing restrictions that are currently in place. There were 269 tickets in the draw and the lucky winner is Dwight Rose from the Airlines Club Bahamas with ticket number 0833. Congratulations.

Next Draw

The remaining 269 tickets will now be included in the next draw scheduled to be held in September for a package for one based on double occupancy to attend the 2020 Interline Festival should it be held or a USD 100.00 cash prize donated by WACA.




Yours in interlining,


Keith Miller

WACA Administration Manager

World Airlines Clubs Association

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