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26 May 2020


Dear Members,


Mandatory Office Closing Update

The province of Quebec has now begun to gradually allow businesses to reopen under strict conditions and in stages following the easing of restrictions that were imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each stage will allow specific types of businesses to open but so far there has not been any indication when a stage will be introduced that will allow offices such as WACA’s located in large buildings to reopen. The situation, therefore, remains that I still cannot work from the WACA office or receive any post until further notice. I continue in home isolation where I can remotely access some of my WACA office documentation as well as viewing and responding to e-mails.


53rd Annual General Assembly (AGA)

On 5 May the WACA Council held the first ever virtual Council Meeting via a Zoom video conference. The meeting had been called due to the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic and the implications to host the 53rd in Bali, Indonesia, in October. After discussing the issue at length whether to proceed or postpone it was agreed that the current situation meets the criteria in 2.4.8 of the Constitution which says in the event that circumstances are beyond the control of WACA the Council should make a decision whether to go ahead, postpone or cancel the planned AGA. All agreed that the current circumstances meets the criteria so it would not be wise to proceed with the venue of Bali this year for the 53rd AGA as well as the pre- and post AGA tours and to postpone them until 2021 at the same venue.

A further virtual meeting was held via a Zoom video conference on 23 May to apprise the Auditors, Regional Coordinators and Ambassadors, considered as our Association’s Supporting Team, about the decision the Council took to postpone the 53rd AGA and to receive input from the these Association’s Supporting Team about the way we should proceed with WACA events going forward.


The 2020 Interline Celebration

Even though the 53rd AGA would be postponed the Council advised the Association’s Supporting Team during the video meeting that it would be most appropriate to have an annual gathering in the form of a “mini AGA” this year which would become the 2020 Interline Celebration sometime in October/November. An easily accessible European venue to hold the Celebration would be identified in accordance with the host country’s government restrictions on travel and public gatherings. This would be an occasion to review the current affairs of the Association and define our future goals taking into consideration the affects of post COVID-19 as well as organise tours and evening social events. All were in agreement that it was a good idea if possible to hold an Interline Celebration this year in the spirit of togetherness and so the WACA Council will look for a suitable location and an hotel and revert to the membership as soon as possible.


54th Annual General Assembly (AGA)

Taking a decision to postpone the 53rd AGA until 2021 would also necessitate postponing the 54th AGA scheduled to held in Jordan in 2021. Following the virtual Council Meeting, therefore, WACA President, Maga Ramasamy, contacted the Jordan Interline Club to ascertain if the Club would be willing and able to postpone the 54th AGA until 2022. The Jordan Interline Club President, Yousef Yousef, advised that the Club had agreed to the request as it was the best solution under the circumstances that we are all in at the moment. It will probably be held in the first week of October 2022.


Events Calendar


The Interline Club of Portugal regrets to announce that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has found it necessary to cancel the Passarola Golf Cup Tournament and the Passarola Tennis Cup Tournament which were due to be held in October.


WACA Facebook Site

Members are once again reminded to take a trip down memory lane by viewing a “WACA Retrospective” of pictures that have been recently posted on the WACA Facebook site. The site is a “happy place” for interliners from all parts of the world in these difficult times. To be accepted as a “friend” on the site you have to be affiliated with an airline or related industries as well as with WACA:


Grand Venture Bonanza

First Draw of 2020

As the office continues to be inaccessible the first draw of 2020 is now expected to be at the end of June for a USD 100.00 cash prizes graciously donated by the Sydney Interline Club. Another cash prize of USD 100.00 has now been graciously donated by the Vancouver Interline Club in addition to five cash prizes of USD 100.00 each donated by WACA. In addition, there will be a fabulous prize of a package for one based on double occupancy to attend the 2020 Interline Celebration should it be held later this year that has also been donated by WACA making a total of eight prizes to be drawn throughout the year.

Member Clubs

Member Clubs are reminded that when individual members of their Club renew their membership, they should also be requested to buy tickets for the Grand Venture Bonanza to generate revenue for the Association. Members-at-Large

Members-at-Large are also actively encouraged to purchase Grand Venture Bonanza tickets for a chance to win one of the great prizes that will be available this year. Tickets cost USD 1.00 each so simply send a cheque, money order or bank draft for the number of tickets you require to WACA Headquarters.

Don’t delay, get your tickets now!




Yours in interlining,


Keith Miller

WACA Administration Manager

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